My dear friend Britta of asked me this question recently when I was debating with her the pros and cons of managing my own printing and setting up an online store:

“If your dreams came true right now, would it turn out to be a nightmare?”

This stopped me in my tracks.

I’d been so focused on producing, making and moving towards the next goal(s) without considering the impact of reaching these goals. She was right. Absolutely, totally and profoundly right. If I were to start up an online store, I have no idea how it would do, but what if?  What if I had orders every day? How can I manage printing, printer problems, orders, shipments, demand right now? 

Now?! During Summer Break, the kids home 24/7, the hubby travelling, the inconsistant schedules, the dragging everyone everywhere every day. The busy mama who is just happy to get up early and work for 45 minutes or so before the kids come out and the chaos of the day begins.

Oh, am I grateful for that question, and so grateful that God puts people in our lives that can help us see more clearly, to guide us on our paths. I don’t have to give up on my dreams, but I also don’t have to force big decisions until the time is right. I can keep working,  planning and refining. I can create, exhibit, start off selling small. I can use this time to prepare and get ready for the day, in just over a year, when all 4 kids are in school.

Waiting is not stopping. It isn’t failure, it isn’t giving up. The hopes, the dreams, the goals; they are still there and now more achievable (and less stressful) than ever. The path to them might be a little longer than originally planned but the path remains and it looks a little bit smoother now.

Day 78

Day 78 – Venetian View

Day 79

Day 79 – Drawing with the kids

Day 80

Day 80

Day 81

Day 81

Day 82

Day 82 – The Cockpit in Pen and Ink

Day 83

Day 83 – The Cockpit

Day 84. Scripture Sunday

Day 84. Scripture Sunday