Artist Statement

As a visual artist my desire is to document life through my art. Looking back on art from different time periods reveals artworks that reflect an era we no longer have access to. I love the idea of capturing people and places in such a way as to be a historian for future generations. As a watercolor artist my goal as a craftsman is to understand the nature of the medium and surface. With each artwork I seek to better master the flow of water – how different brushes move water around, how different pigments mix together, and how different surfaces absorb or repel the medium.

The first comprehensive series I worked on focused on historic architecture buildings from around the world. Painting this series, I use a multi-step process that involves measuring, aligning, drawing, retracing, and painting. Shortly after starting the architecture series, I began a parallel series of botanical watercolors which served as a means of breaking up the rigid architecture works with looser, less complicated subjects.

My current series, misunderstood, is of figurative watercolors that focus on adolescence and the transformation we go through during that time from a child to a young adult.