Day 95 – Pen and ink begins

I love the challenge that comes with attempting to recreate what I see. My art journey began slowly as I struggled with a disconnect between wanting to paint realistically and the conceptual focus inherited from my schooling. When I was able to put aside these self-imposed pressures I could embrace the joy of painting again.

I began painting a comprehensive series of architecture works from old personal photos. I kept tight control of watercolor and ink, using a multi-step process that involved measuring, aligning, drawing, retracing, and painting. I found creating works that are too realistic presented a challenge – when mistaken for photographs they proved less interesting than paintings. Using my intuition, I began to leave out parts of the overall picture – a tree, impeding buildings, an unfinished sidewalk, etc. As I completed more architecture works I found I needed to create something looser in between, which led me to (primarily desert) botanicals.

As time progressed, I felt ready for a new challenge. Figurative works are always a learning experience so I began with painting my 4 children for practice. This has spiraled into exploring both the use of watercolor on clayboard and the subject of family and relationships. As my children are starting to age into adolescence and eventually into adulthood, I’m interested in capturing these times of coming of age and the emotions that go along with that.