Esther BeLer Wodrich firmly believes that surrounding herself with beauty brings sanity amidst the chaos of raising four kids alongside her husband. Immersing herself in drawing and painting, she balances creativity with her relentless pursuit of excellence. Esther spends a ridiculous amount of time holding her breath while working on intricate details but so far has yet to pass out.

Esther’s works are biographical in nature, ranging from portraits of her children, botanicals from her environment in the state of Arizona and architecture from places she has visited. She has recently begun a new series of realistic portrait work based around family and coming of age.

Esther was born in Newport News, Virginia in 1975. She is a graduate of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago where she enjoyed a fantastic education in both visual communications and fine art, but is self taught in watercolor. A brief but admittedly scary bout with cancer following the birth of her fourth child has played a pivotal role in renewing her love of art. Esther is influenced by aesthetically beautiful art that captures emotion and atmosphere, and is inspired by many artists including Andrew Wyeth, Archibald Motley and Edward Hopper.

She has enjoyed a solo show at the University Club of Phoenix, shown for 3 years at ArtPrize in Grand Rapids, and is regularly part of local and juried exhibits including with the Herberger Theatre and at Art Link’s Annual Juried Exhibit at the Heard. Her artwork “St Paul’s Cathedral” won first place in the 2017 Glendale Arts Council’s Annual Juried Exhibit. Additionally she was selected as one of four artists for a downtown Phoenix street banner project.

Esther prefers to start an artwork with a clean desk, the blinds open, an audiobook playing and a hot cup of coffee. However, especially during her kid’s summer break, she will take whatever she can get.