Can I  purchase an item not listed?
Yes! (In many cases.) The only items not available for sale or print are private commissions or items already sold. Occasionally a privately commissioned work came with permissions to sell prints, in which case only the prints are available for sale. If you are interested in an artwork you don’t see listed in the store, please send a message to inquire about availability and pricing.

I want a painting of something not shown here. How can I request one?
Sounds like you’d be interested in a private commission. please send a message to find out more.


How much is shipping?
Within the continental US the shipping costs are as follows:
Note cards – $5 flat rate for first set, $2 extra for each additional set
Prints and Unframed Originals – $10 flat rate
Framed Originals – Billed Separately (Because of the nature and fragility of shipping glass framed artwork, special care in packaging and shipment need to be made. Once an original is purchased a separate invoice will be emailed containing a UPS quote for packaging and shipment cost. 

If you are shipping multiple items OR are shipping outside of the continental US, please send a message through the contact page for a shipping cost estimate.

Can you ship internationally?
Yes! However, due to each country having their own costs and custom requirements it is difficult to provide a universal shipping estimate. If you are interested in purchasing an item and live outside of the continental US, please send a message through the contact page for a shipping cost estimate, making sure to include which item(s) you want to purchase. If you choose to purchase, a custom invoice will be sent that includes the appropriate shipping information.


Do you accept returns?
It is our hope that your purchase brings you, or whomever it is intended for, great joy. If you are unhappy with the purchase for any reason, please send a message through the contact page. The undamaged item may be returned with full refund upon return, minus shipping costs.

What if my purchase is damaged during shipment?
Occasionally mishaps can occur during shipment, in spite of measures taken to prevent this from happening. If an item was damaged during shipment, send a message through the contact page detailing the damage and we will work to either repair or replace the item whenever possible.