Visiting ArtPrize 2013 in watercolor, pen and ink is an architecture painting of part of downtown Grand Rapids by artist Esther BeLer Wodrich


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ArtPrize 7 opens September 23rd!

I’m pleased to once again be hosted at West Coast Coffee for ArtPrize 7 in 2015. If you’re in the Grand Rapids area, please stop by to visit, pick up a Giclée print of the artwork and vote for the painting with code 61217. Enjoy this timelapse of daily progress in “Visiting ArtPrize 2013”, or click here to see the completed work.

*The original pencil drawings were nearly too light to see, so with a little help from Photoshop you can see the pencil drawing portion in the first part of the timelapse.

“Visiting ArtPrize 2013″ – a 24″x30” painting in watercolor, pen and ink of downtown Grand Rapids from my visit to my first ArtPrize in 2013.

ArtPrize Entries:

Visiting ArtPrize 2013 in watercolor, pen and ink by artist Esther BeLer Wodrich

Visiting ArtPrize 2013, ArtPrize 7

"Swinging" - a graphite drawing of a girl hanging on a swing.

Swinging, ArtPrize 6

Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge, ArtPrize 5

The Erechtheion is a pen, ink and watercolor artwork of the Erechtheum on the Acropolis in Athen's Greece by Artist Esther BeLer Wodrich

A Year in Review

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Pen, ink and watercolor artwork of the Erechtheum on the Acropolis in Athen's Greece by Artist Esther BeLer Wodrich

The Erechtheion

This week, as I caught up on scanning and updating 3 new paintings to my website, I realized it’s been a year since I first started the architecture series with a watercolor, pen and ink of “The Erechtheion” – a series that now contains 23 works.

It is good to reflect back as a way to see how to (or sometimes how not to) move forward. A year ago I was feeling  a bit underwhelmed and uninspired. I wanted to try something new, but being the perfectionist that I am, trying new things comes with doubt and fear. I am so grateful that I ignored those pesky negative thoughts and picked up the pens my dad had given me a few years prior. Using them along with watercolor has been a joy while working on so many beautiful places I’ve been fortunate to visit.

The lesson to be learned here is to keep moving forward, trying new things and persevering. If you don’t feel like you have figured out your particular style, keep working on the process and trust that in time it will reveal itself.

Achieving crisp pen lines contrasted with beautiful watercolor washes speaks directly to both my analytical and creative natures. The bonus is I found a way to paint years worth of wonderful memories! I hope you have enjoyed this series as much as I have!

Check out more works in this series by visiting The Gallery. 

#The100DayProject and Freedom

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This week I started and finished a new painting. I chose this subject less for it’s aesthetic qualities but instead for it’s meaning. I chose the interior of the [now] museum at Ellis Island.

EllisIsland_GreatHallWhen I choose a subject for a painting, I often sort through hundreds of personal photos – either in printed or digital form – until something strikes me. Typically what strikes me is something beautiful or with strong lines and contrast, or interesting architecture, or sometimes, something sentimental. This photo has been in my “ideas” folder for quite some time, and I have to think it was through divine providence that I chose to work on it now. Ellis Island symbolizes “Freedom” for me and what better date to complete it but on the Fourth of July.

My grandfather came to America from Greece when he was just a boy. When my husband and I visited the museum at Ellis Island a few years ago I thought mostly about him, but also what it must have been like for all the people who’ve entered this country looking for a new start, for streets paved with gold, for ways to provide for their families, for freedom. There is something very special that happens when I work on a picture. When I paint a picture, I find I also meditate on the time or place that I’m working on. This time I was able to spend those moments marking the page while contemplating the journey my grandfather went on. Contemplating freedom.

Day 85: "A House in Phoenix"

Day 85: “A House in Phoenix”

Day 86: Starting "Freedom"

Day 86: Starting “Freedom”

Day 87

Day 87

Day 88

Day 88

Day 89 - Pen and ink complete

Day 89 – Pen and ink complete

Day 90 (July 4): "Freedom"

Day 90 (July 4): “Freedom”

Day 91: Scripture Sunday

Day 91: Scripture Sunday