By November 21, 2016Children, Realism, Watercolor
"Brothers" is a watercolor painting of two boys enjoying snacks on a red bench by artist Esther BeLer Wodrich

These little brothers are the bestest of buds. They are my two youngest, and at their current ages of almost 6 and 8 they remain the closest of friends.

"Brothers" is a watercolor painting of two boys enjoying snacks on a red bench by artist Esther BeLer Wodrich


This watercolor painting was created from a reference photo that taken when the boys were about 5 and 3 while sitting outside a Target store enjoying a snack. Nothing exciting; just another day out running errands with mom.

"Swinging" - a graphite drawing of a girl hanging on a swing.


These are the moments I attempt to hold tight to. I don’t do a lot of portrait drawings or paintings, having shifted my focus primarily to architecture, but when I do, I want them to capture something outside of what you might typically photograph and put on your wall. Traditional portraits have their place and I know some fantastic photographers who I’d happily recommend if that’s something you’re looking for. However, when having an artwork commissioned of someone you love, why not capture those every day moments that make up your real life: a child playing on a swing, or sneaking up on treats in the kitchen, or a father and daughter sharing a thoughtful moment together? These are the days of real life; hold on to the moments of how we really live life together.

Watercolor of a small boy looking at muffins on the kitchen counter.


Private commission graphite drawing of a father and daughter talking together

Thomson Father & Daughter

What were these boys laughing about? I didn’t know then, and I certainly don’t know now. That’s ok, because what I will always remember is the inexplicable joy and hilarity they shared together.

What a treasure.


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